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Unexplained appearances seemingly from the folds of space-time that vanish as mysteriously as they appeared are found in histories around the globe.  The inexplicably rapid disappearance of the Anasazi people so fast they left food on tables in Chaco Canyon is among strange vanishings in the American Southwest.  A village in the mountains anciently recorded in the Vishnu Purana of India, Shambhala vanished from physical maps and acquired mythical stature as a “pure land.”  They may appear magical when explained with mundane sciences, but expanding sacred sciences cast them in brighter understanding. 

Crafting of rocks with symbolism in Chaco Canyon identifies it as an ancient site oriented to solar and lunar cycles.  It is well within the area of ancient Lemuria in the western USA, where large outcroppings and boulders were shaped into symbolic forms to reveal intended functions at key times of the day or year when lights and shadows were advantageous.  These sites were selected for convergences of earthian energies and celestial alignments for power spots and stargates. 

Chaco Canyon is a power spot and interdimensional portal was occupied near the end of Sri Yukteswar’s Iron Age in the tenth century.  To stabilize and protect the ancient portal that was activating again after thousands of years of dormancy, Lemurian ancestors identified Native Americans able to do the needed work and called/directed them to the Chaco Canyon area.  As they settled into their new home, the Ancestors worked with them to understand the powerful portals there.  They introduced genetic changes into the tribes to generate specific energy frequencies to interact with earthian energies at the power place and portal.   These genetic changes would have happened naturally by interacting with the energies at Chaco Canyon, and the Ancestors simply speeded up the process.  In the case of the Anasazi, enhancements of the color perceived as orange in our continuum integrated with the earthian energies at the portal. 

Fajada Butte in Chaco Canyon at sunset. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons Wikipedia.

The Anasazi were a living light source that complemented and enhanced the space-time portal at Chaco Canyon.  This enabled them to elevate their human energies into the higher band of the Chaco Canyon frequency spectrum that is invisible to the common human eye.  They settled into their new high-frequency home and continued service to the Earth with neighbors who achieved the same elevated frequencies.  The Hopi serve a similar but not identical purpose, which is why they guard descent from their linages carefully and migrated to the Southwest in the same period as the Anasazi. 

These sacred sciences within the context of social and spiritual systems of Lemurian descent contrast sharply with Western mechanics stripped of social and spiritual wisdom at the end of the Atlantean era. 

Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2017 5:35 PM
Subject: Genetics versus soul sentience

DNA receives and transmits intelligence in the field where it functions.  Defining “intelligence” and “sentience” is one of the main problems our sciences have understanding DNA.  Suffice it to say, for now, that DNA is a receiver and transmitter of intelligence.  It is memory.  DNA does not analyze information but reflects conditions in which it exists.  Analysis, discernment and decisions are made with the awareness of different aspects of soul in a different order of intelligence and energy.  Ponder that.     

Dagger of sunlight penetrates the spiral carved at different angles reflecting planet's orbit at Fajada Butte. Photo by National Parks Service.

Genetics profoundly influence the energetic and informational fields of the Earth. These were discussed by the Arcturian Maez and Ida Kannenberg in ‘My Brother Is a Hairy Man.”

Maez:  Probe that mind a little further.  What else can you suggest as Earth energies not fully understood? 

Ida:  Ley lines, such as in England. 

Maez:  So called ‘ley’ lines are everywhere, not only in England.  But what are they? 

Ida:  I read this somewhere but I can't remember where:  specialized energies or combinations of energies, gravitational energies, electricity, and magnetism.  Such energies or combination of such energies emitted from the Earth in waves of informational frequencies can strike chords of resonance in one constructed to receive it, and thus convey intended information to him.  (I don't know where that came from). 

Maez:  What kind of information would Bigfoot be listening for, or resonate to? 

Ida:  The health of the planet, its balance or imbalance relative to the universal equilibrium; such things.  The energies mentioned are simply kinds of connectives bringing information from Earth itself to the listener, Bigfoot or other. 

Maez:  You have the general idea but I would like the specific energies to be more exactly related. 

Ida:  How would I know when they are supposed to be energies we know nothing about?  If the old Earth gives a burp or two now and then I don't know what she's been eating.  Gas, oil, gold?  I really don't know what I'm talking about.  I heard it all somewhere. . . . 
But I've been thinking about the sounds the Earth emits.  I don't know how musical they would be to our ears if we could hear them, but they must have an identifiable cause. 

Maez:  So they do.  And that is one of the things Bigfoot is alert to, sounds the planet is making.  You could hear some of them if you schooled yourself to listen.

Ida:  Also I found information on the Oregon Vortex.  It is between Medford and Grant's Pass near Gold Hill.  I think that explains one of the markers we placed on the map for Bigfoot’s presence nearby. 

Maez:  It does.  Mr. T. mentioned that. 

Ida:  That's why I looked for it.  Well, the energies you want me to find could be what some writers — Churchward, Williamson, et al. — call the four great primary forces, i.e., static magnetic field, electro-static field, electro-magnetic wave, and the resonating electric-magnetic field.  These forces or energies were referred to in ancient beliefs as the Four Great Builders, or the Four Great Architects, or the Four Great Geometricians or even the Elohim and Seraphs (by the Hebrews).  This explanation is derived from George Hunt Williamson's book Other Tongues, Other Flesh.  Are these the energies you wanted, Maez? 

Maez, 1/9/99:  Yes, that encompasses what you said yesterday and today but a little more plainly and in relation to ancient understanding.  We are not now going to get any more deeply involved in all of this.  We have been trying to give Mr. T. an answer to his second question, however incomplete it must remain for the present.  Now for his third question, “Will the close proximity and unique energy of Wipi's presence lead to an imbalance in my own internal mental and emotional energies?” I can understand Mr. T's concern. 

Your concern, Ida, was:  were we or were we not telling the truth about ourselves and our intentions.  You seem to have corralled your skepticism fairly well by now, although it has taken nearly twenty years.  Mr. T's concern is of another nature.  Can he come to mental or emotional harm if he plays around with the strange energies that close and prolonged association with Wipi, myself and you provide?  We three are using strong, powerful and unusual energies to be sure, but they are not unnatural. 

If Mr. T. continues to center himself in God-relatedness, he can come to no harm, because that is where we are located, only our aspects are not exactly ordinary.

Mr. T. has total free will at all times.  Any time he feels the least bit nervous, he should withdraw from this study for a few days, concentrate entirely on other things, and then take a little time to re-center himself in God before he comes back to this occupation.  It is easy, as you well know, Ida to become too fearful that one has become obsessed or too compulsive or is impelled by outside forces.  When this fear strikes, withdraw, think of other things, get re-centered in self and God. 

This is one of the reasons we are going so slowly in making contact, even an evasive one with Wipi.  We all need to be solid in our convictions that we are doing a positive thing.  That includes myself. . . .

Ley Lines

Ida:  Oh, yes.  North-south lines might be magnetic.  East-west lines gravitational, or west-east as the Earth turns.  The electric field could be everywhere constant (the informational field mentioned a few days ago).  Where North/South lines and East/West lines cross are power points and that is where areas sacred to Native Americans (and others elsewhere) are located.  But how do we find where these lines are?  The ancients built such edifices as the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge at such crossings.  And probably also some of the pyramids of Mexico and other places we don't know about.  Do these lines have any respect to our latitude and longitude measurements? 

Maez:  Wow!  You've been on a thinking binge.  I am leaving now for a two-day project elsewhere.  I'll answer your questions on Monday if you haven't discovered facts otherwise.  You're on the right track. 

Ida:  Krsanna was there first.  I'll have to find some of her explanations.

Maez:  Who is Krsanna? 

Ida:  A dear friend.  She has some Native American heritage, which she cherishes, and a brilliant scientific mind.  Mathematics is Greek to me.  She uses it like an Einstein. . . . 

Tres:  Maez is gone for a bit.  You had a question? 

Ida:  Not a question, a puzzlement.  Maez and I were talking about ley lines and that North/South lines are magnetic and W/E lines are of gravitational forces and their interaction with the surrounding “sea of information” which must be electricity of a kind. 

Tres:  So it is.  Cosmic electricity. 

Ida:  That gives us some form of three of the Great Builders or Geometricians, but the fourth one — the resonating electric-magnetic force — where does that come in? 

Tres:  Indeed, where?  Think! 

Ida:  Could it be the person, the living being that stands on the intersecting N/S and W/E lines?  Are WE the resonating electromagnetic fields?  Well, of course we are!  The brain is the electro, the mind the magnetic field. 

Tres:  Welcome home, Ida! 

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