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Great Salt Lake Desert Vortex (Utah)

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Cycles of Change

A vortex centered in the Great Salt Lake Desert is activating with changing magnetics and axis of rotation.  Twelve vortex sites (vortices) on the TimeStar are centers where energy is distributed into the earth grid.  All twelve vortices are continually active but one will be dominant in varying geological periods.  The vortex that powers the Great Pyramid was dominant 12,000 years ago when the pyramid was built, but the changing grid is presently shifting the dominant vortex 144 degrees west of the Great Pyramid to the Great Salt Lake Desert. 

Although few significant facilities are shown on maps of Utah, it is filled with so many restricted sites that one virtually cannot drive long distances through the state off the freeway.  Utah is loaded with secret facilities, most of which are within a two-degree radius of the vortex. 

Area 51 is in the three-degree radius and Area 52 may be too, although the exact location of the rumored Area 52 is not known.  Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, the Hopi Reservation and Yellowstone are in the five-degree radius. 

1 = 112°50' West longitude, Great Salt Lake Desert, 40 North latitude

1 = 40°50 West longitude, Azores Islands, 40 North latitude

1 = 176°10' East longitude, North Pacific, 40 North latitude

Fibonacci sequence is 1 + 1 = 2; 1+2 = 3; 2+3 = 5; 3 + 5 = 8; 5+8 = 13; 8 + 13 = 21; 13 + 21 = 34


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