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Cycles of Change 

A flurry of migrations in the American Southwest around 1000 CE (+/-) has been noted by several authors with suggestions of cosmic bursts and climate changes in the period. The Hopi report their ancestors had lived in Sedona, Arizona, and various dating methods show they constructed rock art cliff dwellings between 400 and 1400 CE. Along with space weather changes in that period, something wonderful happened in the primary vortex for America centered at the Great Salt Lake Desert at the same time.

Brien Foerster tour of Sedona, Arizona Cliff Dwellings

The Hindu yuga cycles that Yogananda's teacher Sri Yukteswar published in his 1894 book, The Holy Science, provide the 499 CE date when changes were predicted. And the TimeStar identifies the areas most directly affected and the first to show change. Twelve identical vortexes are located around the globe in a dodecahedron. All the vortexes are simultaneously active but one will be dominant, depending on magnetic polarities and tilt of the axis of rotation. Energy from an identical vortex in Turkey powering the Great Pyramid was the dominant vortex for 12,000 years of the descending cycle, or Night, of Sri Yukteswar's yugas.

When the descending cycle reached its lowest point in 499 CE and began ascending back to a golden age in the next 12,000 years, or Day, planetary mechanics began slowly shifting the primary vortex 144 degrees from Turkey to the Great Salt Lake Desert. The intensity of vortexian energy at its peak wears and tears on physical structure, thus the Great Pyramid was built nine degrees south of the Turkish vortex with the Mediterranean subsided between them. As the vortexian energy began increasing in Utah, natives peoples began moving away from the Great Salt Lake Desert.

Sharing the Uto-Aztecan language links the Hopi to the Utah are and earlier Aztec associations in their migration. The Hopi's ancestors moved to Arizona and became the only Uto-Aztecan cliff dwellers, the People of Peace. Large migrations had started in the Americas by 1000 CE when the Cherokee arrived in the American Northeast with pottery designs linking them to Honduras. The Aztecs moved south into Mexico and conquered the Mexico Valley in 1325, shortly before the Hopi's ancestors moved away from Sedona circa 1400 CE.

Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492 and claimed the New World in America for Spain. The Conquistadore Hernan Cortes followed Columbus in 1519 and conquered the Aztecs to place Mexico into Spanish possession.

The Maunder Minimum ice age between 1645 and 1715 started with transition into the ascending Bronze Yuga now underway, with full transition complete in 1899 and 2012 coming into sight. With 2012 in the rear-view mirror, cosmic radiations with changes in magnetic poles and the axis of rotation steadily accelerate as awareness rises.

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