Interdimensional Portals

Written in Stone

Written in Stone: Interdimensional Portals

Great Salt Lake Desert Vortex (Utah)

Area 51 at Groom Lake (Nevada)

Chaco Canyon Secrets (New Mexico)

Sedona Rock Art Cliff Dwellings (Arizona)

Butte Appears-Disappears in Storm (Montana)

TimeStar Earth

Cycles of Change

Devil's Tower in Wyoming is an ideal candidate for ancient crafting assisted with advanced technology. Geologists agree that it formed beneath the land surface but cannot agree on how it came to the surface exposed in its present form.
In Chaco Canyon, New Mexico the Fajada Butte used for solar observations contained cliff dwellings, despite the absence of water, between 1000 and 1300 CE. Photo from Creative Commons, Wikipedia.

Often sole survivors of lost cultures that anciently circled the globe, stones carry memories of who and what shaped the face of the Earth. Shape, size, and orientations of stone constructions may be the only clues about pursuits that inspired the builders, legacies they left for the future and where they went.

Stones are repositories of information about who built the foundation for the modern world and archetypes that continue to shape the future. Stones speak in both outer exoteric planes and inner planes of psi senses equally well. They are messaging centers for information about local areas and distant stars linked with shared stones.

Crafted rock art interfaces between natural and technological creations, modern and ancient peoples. Rocks function as natural holographic receivers and transmitters of information that readily respond to technology. Early humans attuned to the natural resonance of Earth and cosmos perceived these information flows more readily than modern humans, who are losing sensitivity to earthian energies with advancing technology.

In the very ancient past crystals from other planets were seeded on Earth for resonance with parent crystal beds on other planets. Extraplanetary crystal beds enabled parent races elsewhere to sustain communication with Earth.

Max the crystal skull is a stellar sample of complex information encoded in stone and distinguished with a unique feature. When I initially learned about Max, my mentor Sirian George explained that crystals skulls were among the array of stones used to generate power in ancient pyramids. "We left the crystal skulls to remind you who you really are," he said. In ancient terms, Max is equivalent to an oracle and avatar of ancient adepts who created him and conveys information in both discrete physical and psychic dimensions.

Max the Crystal Skull
Featured in The Edge online magazine.

I immediately looked for something that would affix at the bottom of Max's skull when I met JoAnn at a conference circa 1996. A widget as a control feature for a particular job was at the base of his skull.* I asked JoAnn if she knew why it was there. She had assumed it was used to place him on an altar. "From the scooped out indentation underneath Max, it is speculated that this was an altar skull . . . " (The Story of Max, The Texas Crystal Skull by JoAnn Parks). As I left, Max telepathically messaged me to go to Yucca Valley later in the evening.

In Yucca Valley, I sat on a quartz crystal pyramid talking about the earth grid with Sirian George until dawn. In that night I learned that the energy grid changes in short and long cycles and is presently making a major cyclic change. Giant Rock was an ancient Lemurian center that is presently inactive, but will be activated again in the future. He explained that crystal taken from the Pleiades had been transplanted to grow on Earth as a living link between parent and child races.

“So,” I said,  “the Pleiadians are able to ‘tune in’ to the crystal beds and hear the conversation we’re having right now?” 

“Ssssshhh,” Sirian George said.  “We don’t want to wake up those old Pleiadians.  It’s been so long since anybody 'here' talked to them, they wouldn’t know what to do... Someday, when the time is right, we’ll put the grid system back up.” 

Bringing together information and energy that rocks provide in optimum sequences of space and time is essential to outcomes. Max sat in JoAnn Park's closet for seven years before speaking to her at a time when she was prompted to respond to his requests. After thousands of years in Guatemala and civilizations preceding the Maya, Max came to the USA in the twentieth century when sciences were most prepared to cope with human and psychic mysteries he poses. In earlier centuries, Max's message was more susceptible to superstition and confusion. But Max is only one sampling of stone messaging awaiting discovery in rock art of the ages.

*Widget defined.

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