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TimeStar is a dynamic fractal model of the Earth that contrasts with the static uniformitarian model dominant in Western science.  The number and sizes of quakes, volcanoes and storms vary depending on prevalent conditions, but the trending pattern of events conform with TimeStar active areas and dates.  These are demonstrated in predictions since 1996, and recently with a large 7.7M quake in Russia July 17, 2017 when the TimeStar active area was in Russia-Alaska.  The largest quakes on the planet next shook the TimeStar active area that opened July 17, when the Russia-Alaska window closed

Planetary energies are expressed in various modalities in addition to quakes, volcanoes and storms. Booming and trumpeting sounds that vibrated the bones of witnesses could be neither explained nor quieted in 2011.  Solar scientists debated changes in the sun, and NASA announced strange solar activity with affirmations worthy of old-time prophets.  Geologists watched a tectonic plate fracture for the first time ever in 2012. Knowledge the Ancients recorded was discarded and ignored for modern science that must contend with world changes beyond its control. TimeStar Earth is a modern analog of the Earth-Human calendar used in Native America where ancient astronauts encoded measures of Earth and Sky in the oldest pyramid complex in Mexico.

The Earth quakes continuously because that’s this planet’s nature (Web of Life and Cosmos).  Where and when quaking concentrates reflects energy pulsing through the planetary body in sequential cycles.  Time is equivalent to the process of sequences in cycles for TimeStar Earth’s modeling of life forces. 

Earth functions as a gyro that continually balances surface mass and magnetic core relative to its axis

Energy the gyro generates pulses through the planetary body with life forces. 

Radiations from the solar system and galaxy fuel the gyroscopic sphere with variable frequencies. 

A superwave of high-energy galactic radiation that impacts the Earth every 13,000 years is expected soon.

Exogenesis of Ancient Earth Humanity


Magnetic Core, Weakening Field, and Cosmic Rays

Weakening of the magnetic field had been ongoing since the sixteenth century, when magnetic north’s pace exponentially accelerated months after a crop circle depicted the magnetic core on May 28, 1993.  Markers in the crop circle at Kennewick, Washington pointed to true north, magnetic north’s position in 1993 and Siberia, magnetic north’s destination. ,   The sudden increase in magnetic north’s movement and weakening magnetic field were sandwiched between robust solar maxima in 1989 (Cycle 22) and 2001 (Cycle 23).  Anomalous gamma rays permeated the solar system in January 1993, less than two years after the historic July 11, 1991 solar eclipse predicted in the Dresden Codex. 

A solar eruption that baffled NASA scientists December 5, 2006, in the deep of solar minimum, signaled changes deep in the sun.  The heliospheric current circuit and rotating magnetic fields that form the heliospheric current sheet in the solar system were indicated in a crop circle at Bracciano, Italy on May 20, 2012.   Named for Eugene Parker who discovered the solar wind, the Parker Spiral is a geometric model for the heliospheric current sheet depicted in the Bracciano crop circle.  The current sheet is the surface within the solar system where the Sun’s polarity changes from north to south; and the very important interplanetary magnetic field influences all planets in the solar system.  The shape of the current sheet results from the Sun’s rotating magnetic field on plasma in the interplanetary solar wind.  A very small electrical current flows through the sheet, in the field that extends through the Sun’s equator in the heliosphere.  The resulting current forms part of the heliospheric current circuit. 

Systemic changes in the solar system include signs of heating and other changes on numerous planets:  Venus’ rotation on its axis is slowing, a bright flash on Jupiter was attributed to an impact but neither debris nor a cloud hole were detected; moreover, Jupiter has lost an entire planetary ring that encircled it; Saturn’s rotation is slowing, and its predictable storms are earlier and more intense.

In the environment of system-wide heating, bizarre explosive booms and trumpeting sounds were reported worldwide in January 2011.  Soon after a 9.0 magnitude megaquake at Honshu, Japan culminated in three nuclear reactors melting down at Fukushima Daiichi March 11, 2011, large numbers of sinkholes began opening around the globe.  And geologists reported exponentially high soil liquefaction, according to science journalist Linda Moulton Howe:

 “Are Sinkholes Related to Loud, Unexplained Booms?

“Recently I [Linda Moulton Howe in 2013] received an email from a retired communications and electronics expert for several contractors that have done work for Hill AFB in Utah. He has also worked for the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Strategic Planning Office between 1993 to 2005.  In his work, he came to know a geophysicist also working on military contracts for the U. S. Air Force. When the Air Force builds, the ground structure needs to be solid, so geophysicists will do ground surveys. If the Air Force building is going to have underground facilities - perhaps for computer servers and/or missile silos - the geophysicists will do ground readings. The electronics expert who contacted me said he told his geophysicist friend that for some time he has been hearing booms at a distance almost daily, but his windows rattle. So he asked the geophysicist if there was hard bedrock between his house and the Great Salt Lake and over into the Hill AFB bombing range?

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Area 51 at Groom Lake (Nevada)

Chaco Canyon Secrets (New Mexico)

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TimeStar Earth

Cycles of Change

“Worldwide Booms - Is Earth's Inner Core Changing?

“The geophysicist surprised his electronics friend when he said that the booms have been becoming more frequent around the world, not just the U. S. He said there have been reports from the Soviet Union, Europe, Africa, China, Guatemala and that the first report in 1998 was from a deep mine on the Alaska/Yukon border. At that time, miners reported hearing sounds like rocks or sand falling down a metallic tube.

“The geophysicist told the electronics engineer, ‘Since 2011, many geologists have noticed almost a 1000% increase in soil liquefaction.’ This might explain the more frequent sinkholes, not only in the United States but around the world.

“[Editor's Note: Wikipedia - Soil liquefaction describes a phenomenon where by a saturated soil substantially loses strength and stiffness in response to an applied stress, usually earthquake shaking or other sudden change in stress condition, causing it to behave like a liquid.]

“The geophysicist said he and his colleagues believe something is going on in the inner core of the Earth. They don't know if it's a magnetic pole change; restructuring of minerals within the soil down to the mantle and core. It's becoming more frequent and so has the intensity. They really have no real idea what's going on. He said they don't know if it's a short term, one-time boom phenomenon, or something very serious. They don't know if it's a regular occurrence that happens in cycles on the Earth. So far, there is no explanation for the boom phenomenon.”

“Why Inner Earth Core Change Could Cause Sinkholes and Booms?

“The geophysicist also told his electronics friend that the increasing sinkholes might be related to the core, mantle and crust changes because sound frequencies are involved. He emphasized they are aware of pretty steady infrasound that the human ear cannot hear, but dogs and other animals can - which would explain why dogs have been reported running before a boom occurs.

“[Editor's Note: Wikipedia - Infrasound, sometimes referred to as low-frequency sound, is sound that is lower in frequency than 20 Hz (Hertz) or cycles per second, the "normal" limit of human hearing. Hearing becomes gradually less sensitive as frequency decreases, so for humans to perceive infrasound, the sound pressure must be sufficiently high. The ear is the primary organ for sensing infrasound, but at higher intensities it is possible to feel infrasound vibrations in various parts of the body.]

“So what is the physics when people can hear the loud booms and even be jolted by them at least in a localized area?  The electronics expert said the geophysicist used the analogy of the Earth's crust acting like a large speaker diaphragm, projecting sounds, some of them going through the atmosphere and out through the ionosphere and some returning as audible sound that the human ear can hear.

“Why Government Silence On Unexplained Booms and Light Flashes?

“When I asked the electronics expert why our government does not simply say all this to the American people, he answered from his conversation with the geophysicist: “Panic.  Strictly panic.  That's all I can tell you. The government and political system is afraid of panic.”

“I also asked the electronics expert about the bright white flashes of light associated with the loud boom phenomenon.

“He said it's like a very large static electric discharge associated with the apparent huge stress emanating from the inner and outer core to the liquid mantle beneath the Earth's crust. He said he understands there has been a change in the speed with which the mantle is moving so now the mantle is moving faster. The mantle flow increase sets up new vibrations from the magnetic conductivity created.

“I asked the electronics expert what the geophysicist says could be the worst-case scenario if the booms and light flashes persist - or even grow in frequency and intensity?

“He said, “The geophysicist said the worst case would be that there are more cracks that could appear in the main continental plates. So instead of having one huge plate more or less from the East Coast of Japan down through Indonesia and back up to South America and up the coastline through California - what would happen if that big plate bulged in the center and created cracks? They know they've got something causing these core to mantle to crust vibrations that releases huge, sudden, quick energy in the focused booms. But what it is? And what scale could it affect, they don't know.”

TimeStar posits increasing numbers of booms and explosions that began proliferating in 2011 result from rising levels of high-energy cosmic rays that induce electrical discharges.  Native Americans associated periods of high-energy cosmic radiations with the Thunderbird, who came with thunder and lightning.  After reaching a fifty-year high in 2009, cosmic ray levels continued to rise as Earth’s magnetic field weakened in the presence of declining solar activity.  During the weakest solar maximum (cycle 24) in 200 years, booms, explosions and light anomalies steadily increased to new highs in 2015, paralleling continual decline in the magnetic field and solar activity.  The presence and absence of the Thunderbird corresponds with cosmic rays, ambient electrical force and declining solar activity.  TimeStar forecast this trend in 2012, along with increasing electrical force and appearances of the Thunderbird. 

Great Builders

Great builders and geometers of the Earth and Sky were discussed with extraterrestrial time travelers and Ida Kannenberg in her book about the human species, My Brother Is a Hairy Man.

“Ida, 1/9/99: [The Arcturian] Maez and I were talking about ley lines and that North/South lines are magnetic and W/E lines are of gravitational forces and their interaction with the surrounding “sea of information” which must be electricity of a kind.

“Tres:  So it is.  Cosmic electricity.

“Ida:  That gives us some form of three of the Great Builders or Geometricians, but the fourth one the resonating electric-magnetic force where does that come in?

“Tres:  Indeed, where?  Think!

“Ida:  Could it be the person, the living being that stands on the intersecting N/S and W/E lines?  Are WE the resonating electromagnetic fields?  Well, of course we are!  The brain is the electro, the mind the magnetic field.

“Tres:  Welcome home, Ida!

“Ida:  Everyone?

“Tres:  To varying degrees.  That is, they are able to accept themselves in that aspect in varying degrees, and to that degree use the power it invokes.

“Ida:  Power?

“Tres:  Believe it!

“Ida:  To what do we resonate?  Oh.  God? . . .

“Tres:  To what then?

“Ida:  I already said it.  To the sea of information the electric sea of God’s consciousness that surrounds us — supra-consciousness. 

“Tres:  Meditate on that awhile.  You've just uncovered a spectacular truth.  Now what are you stewing about?

“Ida, 1/10/99, 2:40 P.M.:  Telepathy.  See you tomorrow.

“Tres to Ida:  Sorry to interrupt your reading about Edgar Cayce but we left some things hanging yesterday.  No, not telepathy, but ley lines or lines of force, N/S and W/E.  Since these lines cross each other at power points, your friend Krsanna was right in pinpointing the Great Pyramid as the Earth's major power point as marked by man.  Who could better know where to place it than Thoth (Hermes) its architect?  Krsanna has found a unique and brilliant use for combining lines of force with the timing of the Maya calendar in a way that allows her to predict coming earth events earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, floods, etc.

“Let us leave this research to her genius and we shall take another tack.

“Krsanna has taken the map's lines of latitude and longitude to keep track of her prediction points and to point out the placement of crop circles relative to such power points as the great pyramid, the pyramids and other markers at Teotihuacán.  A brilliant piece of work.  It should (and will) be better known.

“We shall not intrude upon her domain but use our recognition of power points and lines in a different fashion and for a different purpose, although we must necessarily recognize the same major points.  But differently.

“The lines of force we are following are magnetic N/S and gravitational W/E.  These are not always as stable as the lines of latitude and longitude on a map due to the tilt of the Earth and other erratic things we will discuss later.  Yes, this does have to do with Bigfoot, be patient.  And they are not as mathematically straight as lines on a map.  They seem to wander and waver sometimes due to interfering lines of cosmic force (electricity).  We will get into all this as we go along.  And it does have to do with the placement of Bigfoot.  He is far more important than just being a biologically unique specimen.  He has been engineered to do specific work and he does it well.” 

Kannenberg, Ida M.  2013.  My Brother Is a Hairy Man: The Search for Bigfoot.  Atlantis Phoenix Books:  Missoula, MT.  pp 82-84

Maez is the Arcturian monitor for Bigfoot on Earth, who contacted Ida Kannenberg when began working with an investigator seeking physical evidence for the species.  In their discussions, Maez explained Bigfoot’s origin and purpose to monitor conditions on Earth.  Survival of the endangered species was Maez’s overriding interest in the contact.

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All attributions to Linda Moulton Howe are documented in her database available to subscribers at Earthfiles.com. 

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