Area 51 at Groom Lake, Nevada

Seven-foot tall creatures resembling the reptilians were remote viewed by Dick Allgire and Aziz Brown in the Farsight project.  Recall that William Tompkins, aerospace engineer for the Apollo mission, reported reptilians had given the Nazis functional flying discs to go to the moon in 1942 and seeded our sciences with false data, disinformation.  Courtney Brown commented that preferential treatment given one ET species over others at Area 51 must be carefully considered.  Of course, Courtney is right.  And a lot more is involved. 

How long have these reptilians been on the planet?  Did they originate on the Earth?  Or are they truly extraterrestrial in origin?  Area 51 is built in a series of natural caverns in an enormous cave system, we learn from the remote viewers.  Does that cave system terminate in underground tunnels linked to the Great Pyramid and other powerful ancient sites?

ARE THE REPTILIANS ROGUES WHO ALLIED WITH NOAH’S DESCENDANTS IN INNER-EARTH TUNNELS BENEATH THE GREAT PYRAMID?  Did they control Nazi bases at the Antarctic and therefore control the Nazis in the 1930s before getting a foothold at Area 51 under Harry S. Truman in 1947?  The National Security Act was passed in 1947 and by 1956 President Ike Eisenhower could not get information on Area 51. 

One would expect reptilians to eat humans for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They look like they could but don’t.  Are humans more valuable to them alive than dead?  I have written several times that a group of rogue ETs allied with the Elites, i.e., Noah’s kin, and went underground.  They use humans on the surface as shields to protect their subterranean hide-outs.  To forcibly remove them, galactic forces would need to blast through human shields on the surface – you and the neighbors.  The Confederation decided to wait until earth changes are so active that any damages caused by removing the rogues will be incidental to those from natural causes.  These factors have been discussed at length over the last ten years and are mostly stale news, albeit a few new insights emerged from the Area 51 remote viewing. 

Extraordinary remote viewing Area 51 by Farsight showed that a subject being viewed can block the remote viewer’s perception while the remote viewer continues to perceive areas not blocked.  The ability to cloak Aziz Brown’s remote viewing with a gray energy is both most concerning and pertinent.  It speaks to the power of the reptilian’s mind and Aziz observed he was highly intelligent.  Good, bad or ugly, the reptilian was/is sentient in the way that virtually all space-faring species are. 

The sentient psyche is the most valuable and powerful element of the human species and virtually all that will survive the changes in process.  So many ET races had planted descendants on the Earth 12,000 years ago that the Sumerian Governor Enlil decided to destroy them with great floods.  He decided that only Noah’s descendants would survive.  Other ET parent races intervened and fought Enlil to a standstill and he promised to not destroy humanity with a flood again in Genesis 9.  Battling between ET species joined with human armies fought tooth and nail until around 3100 BCE, when a treaty was made that prevented ETs from directly intervening in human affairs until 2012.  This gave diverse factions of humans a chance to create civilization as they desired it and reach greater sentience.  The results are what you see in the world today. 

Nature is doing its work to cleanse and reorganize nature at present as high-energy galactic radiations steadily increase.  When the cleansing is done, we will move forward with the sentience that prevails and create a new civilization.  This  is where the situation stands now.

Best regards, Krsanna