October 27, 2021

Know About Smart TVs

By Jessica Cantrell

The Smart TV concept has come to the rescue of a television with increasingly bland and vulgar content. At least, as far as generalist televisions are concerned.

In this article we intend to explain the keys that make the Smart TV a useful product with great features for the consumer. A product that facilitates a more intelligent consumption of television.

Also, we offer you some indications and tips to help you in the purchase of a smart TV.

Why do they call it a ‘dumb box’?
Television, that great invention that came into homes in the 50s of the last century, had never earned as hard as now the qualification of silly box. The deterioration of the quality of the generalist content offer (the offer that is not pay-per-view, to be understood) has contributed to make the term “trash TV” fashionable.

There is an abundance of the laziest content. And, in addition, to consume TV in the traditional way, we have to endure eternal blocks of commercials.

To escape from this dynamic, smart TVs have emerged in recent years. Traditional TV content remains the same. However, with Smart TVs we can access a whole new horizon of content thanks to Internet connectivity.

In this way, we can consume movies or programs on demand, access our Facebook or Twitter profile, entertain ourselves with Youtube videos, and read online press. And much more. With these new devices, the TV is no longer a dumb TV and the user takes center stage.

In short, thanks to the Internet, the content consumer is no longer waiting for what the channel of the day will show him, but can decide how he spends his time in front of the screen.

Today you can buy very complete Smart TVs at very competitive prices. But the first question we have to ask ourselves when assessing the suitability of getting one of these TVs, is whether we have internet connection at home.

This is a very important question, because without internet, the Smart TV loses much (to tell the truth, a huge part) of its meaning. We will be able to give it the traditional use we give to a television. But, for that purpose, a good TV that is not a Smart TV is enough.

The next question we must answer is whether we are going to make use of its potential. That is, are we going to surf the Internet, use Apps, access social networks or consume streaming content?

If we are not very clear, it may not be worth it. We will always be able to buy a media player later that gives us some of the features of Smart TVs. However, the truth is that Smart TVs are here to stay. And it is also true that, for value for money, they are an excellent opportunity to improve our entertainment experience in the living room.

Let’s think that with these new devices something similar to what has happened with cell phones will happen, with the transition from the conventional terminal to the smartphone. Thus, almost without realizing it, the smartphone has reached the hands of millions of people. Even the most suspicious and skeptical of technological advances have embraced the smartphone.

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