February 24, 2021

Make Tiktok Videos

By Jessica Cantrell

Nowadays, social networks are part of entertainment and communication around the world, it is vital that you know how to make videos in Tik Tok. Are you ready to update and entertain yourself from your mobile? Here are some super useful tips on how to use this app.

What is Tik Tok?

Yes, it’s a reality! Many users use this app to make videos. Before you know how to make videos on Tik Tok, it’s your time to get to know it and start having fun, because with it you can recreate cool videos, which will make you get many likes and followers.

Tik Tok is the application of the moment and the perfect digital platform to be popular and have followers online. Also, you can create videos using playback, from here the only barriers will be those of your imagination.

How to use the application: simple steps to achieve it

If your plan is to enter the digital world, you must first know how the platform works. Start with this:

  • From your cell phone log in and download the app.
  • When you start Tik Tok you will instantly see a recent video.
  • Swipe your finger up to view each video in the app.
  • If you wish to interact with a video, you will need to register and create your own account.
  • Then, to follow any account, you must press the + symbol on the profile picture.
  • Once you are registered you can like any video, just press the heart symbol.
  • If you want to leave a comment on any video, you must tap on the balloon with the 3 dots.
  • If you want to share any Tik Tok on other social networks, there is an icon that allows you to do so.
  • Finally, on the ME button you will have access to your account data and statistics.

How to make videos in Tik Tok?

After knowing how the application works, it is time for you to know how to make videos in Tik Tok. There are two ways:

How to make videos on Tik Tok with a recording from your phone?

  1. If you are uploading a video you recorded with your phone, click on the + icon to create the new video.
  2. To the right of the bottom record button, you must click an option that says upload. This will open the gallery.
  3. Choose the video you want to upload and share.
  4. Now, if you want to upload several videos at the same time, select the ones you like the most from the gallery and accept.
  5. Then, a window will appear where you will be able to include filters and edit your videos to create a single version.

How to make videos in Tik Tok?

  1. Click on the + located in the application.
  2. A new interface will appear, look for the record option. When you click it, a window with several options will appear, it’s time to choose the one you like the most and start recording!

Learn how to do gesture sync and Lip Sync

It is essential that you navigate through all the features that this new form of online entertainment offers you. Come and learn how to make videos in Tik Tok! You’re probably wondering, is it hard to do a lip sync or lip sync? The truth is that it’s easy to do, just follow these tips:

You must listen well to what each performance you will imitate or believe says. The idea is to be attentive to the theme or song to imitate, according to the specific dances and rhythms.

After you learn the sequences, it’s time to practice. Remember to do this until you feel you have mastered it.

Check that everything you have practiced is similar to the content uploaded by the Tiktoker creator. This way, you will know that your video will be perfect.

When you achieve both steps (synchronize your gestures with the audio), you will be able to record your video and become a Tiktoker.

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